Celebrating women in anaerobic digestion

This International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating the women who keep the Eco Verde Energy anaerobic digestion sites operational and safe.

Why is it important to recycle food waste?

Many consumers are unaware of the impact food waste can have on the environment. By simply separating your food waste from your general waste you can have a positive impact on the climate.

Five Things to Consider When Maintaining an AD Plant

A proactive approach to AD plant maintenance can optimise outputs and avoid costly breakdowns. These five strategies will enhance the resilience of any AD site.

How to manage a variable feedstock supply for AD

Climate change is starting to impact the growing of crops for AD. Aiming for surplus supporting growers and diversification of feedstocks can ensure AD plants are sufficiently fed to maintain production of renewable gas.

Celebrating Our Two Year Anniversary!

This week Eco Verde Energy (EVE) is celebrating its second anniversary. EVE was formed in 2020 to supply operations and management services for anaerobic digestion (AD) plants in the UK. Since operating, the company has grown rapidly and now…